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I’m just tryna connect with somethin’ 

You crave the deepest connections with others, but you don’t trust to let anyone in.


(Source: psych-facts, via jetiadeity)

Finding my way back to the days when my truths weren’t collected in these neat little packages waiting for approval. Down the line one by one my dreams and freedom tied up in another’s yes or no.
Waiting to pass the test. Fu*k the test.
PASS. I say I pass.

— Lisa R Charles

she told me to stop running from my reality. as if my imagination hadn’t already been murdered and burried deep within the earth 3x over. I stopped having time for dreams years ago.

"Patching Up The Sky"

In attempts to strive for balance, most of us inadvertently place limitations and boundaries on who we are and other ppl; including Mother Earth. Becoming rigid in our ways and thinking, stifling imagination and flow of breath… Living for Seeking approval and acceptance set by societal norms and laws, disconnecting with self, breaking and not bending once there is a push and pull… Struggling to stand up and rise again.

In sets more confusion than before.

Here I stand in tree pose, reflecting that of my search, my journey for balance. However not balance in a rigid manner. For In Tree Pose, my body may sway, like a tree or branch does in the wind, but my foot stays rooted into the ground; strong yet flexible like that of the bamboo. It is here that I allow freedom of my mind & body to move and be, finding its balance… while being grounded and true to my spirit; developing acceptance of my body’s position in space.

So may you take a moment today to rid yourself of mental blocks and fears that condemn you to a certain shape in which your spirit, mind and body no longer fits; a space which no longer serves you.

It is here I decided to take yet another moment to Learn to balance without any reference to the outer environment

I deserve it. She deserves it too.

— mswrightsway